Sunday, December 11, 2011

FUCK STORY - Justin & Devin in Th3 M0rning @ft3r


Well I hope John Magnum’s happy with his new bride, because Justin Ryder seems to have wasted no time in finding a new playmate. But did anyone really think he’d have any trouble with that?The wedding must have had one hell of a reception, because Justin wakes the morning after seeming a little disoriented to find himself in bed with Devin Draz. And all I can say to that is you have to consume a LOT of alcohol to forget going to bed with this mountain of a man. Justin’s a bright boy though, and whether or not he remembers how he got there, he quickly figures out how to make the most of his surroundings. He licks and kisses his way down his new buddy’s rippled body, starting with linebacker shoulders and making his way to Devin’s rock hard abs. Justin lifts the covers to see Devin’s still wearing his underwear, and that just won’t do at all. He gets rid of those easily enough though and finds what he’s really after. Maybe you’ve heard the phrase ’let sleeping giants lie,’ but Justin clearly has, as that massive cock is in his mouth before you can blink. He’s like a kid in a candy store. No self control whatsoever.Course, its not like I blame him.After awhile Devin starts to stir, but he’s in no hurry to speed up the process of getting out of bed. There are a lot worse ways to wake up than finding Justin’s hot, wet mouth wrapped happily around your cock. Beats a hangover, that’s for sure. His hands casually, almost naturally find their way to Justin’s head, holding him in place, and I very much approve. No, Mr. Draz, we don’t want Justin going anywhere either! He pushes Justin’s head all the way down to the base of his cock and holds him there just long enough to make him start to choke.’What’s that all about?’ a surprised Justin asks when he finally comes up for air. Like he’s some stranger to being manhandled by his fuck buddies, hah! But it looks like Devin knows exactly what both he and Justin like, and when he shoves the smaller man back down on his cock with nothing more than a barked ‘Suck!’, Justin’s not complaining. Turns out he got lucky last night in more ways than one!Devin seems to think Justin needs some more training in the fine art of cock sucking. Everyone’s a critic these days…..But with a drill sergeant’s single minded intensity, he takes Justin back to basics. It’s like Oral Boot Camp, Advanced Level! He has Justin suck, lick, and tease his cock with his tongue, and Justin rises to the occasion, going down on him like a champ. The speed varies, slow, then fast, first the tip of Devin‘s dick, now time to focus on the base, but one thing remains consistent throughout. This is all about Devin’s cock and Devin’s pleasure. And judging from the ’oh god’s and moans and groans Devin lets slip throughout the morning, Devin is very pleased.That doesn’t mean he’s easing up on Justin any time soon, and he switches up his teaching techniques for good measure. Sometimes he has Justin do all the work, sometimes he just holds his little buddy in place while he fucks his face, his muscled ass bouncing up and down on the bed as he pounds his cock in and out of Justin’s mouth. Justin comes off of Devin’s cock, choking and drool dripping out of his mouth, but the bigger man just wipes it up with his hand and smears it all over Justin’s face where it belongs, before deciding its time for a brief break. He flips Ryder over and takes some time to explore his little buddy’s chiseled form, kissing him, licking and biting his nipples, and even sixty-nining for a bit, but there’s never a moment of doubt. Devin’s in charge here, and its all about what he wants.Just to make sure there’s no confusion on that front, Devin puts his champion cocksucker back to work, making sure Justin’s equally skilled at giving him oral pleasure, no matter what position they’re in. Devin squats on the bed, planted over Justin’s face, forcing Justin to strain his head up and down to get at Devin’s cock. Then he stands on the bed and has Justin kneel while he goes down on Devin, spitting on his cock to get it all lubed up, until Devin just spits on him in response.Finally Devin’s had enough of Justin’s oral attentions and decides its time to put Justin’s other hole to good use. From the word go its clear that Justin’s role here is just to be a hole. He lays back on the bed and grabs for the sheets, holding on for dear life as Devin’s pounds his ass with animal intensity. I’m not sure if Devin’s actually trying to split him in two or just doesn’t know his own strength. From there he puts Justin on his back, knees pressed up against his chest while Devin hammers away, and I really thought he was going to fuck Justin until he screamed!But nah, Justin’s a trooper, and judging from the way he yells at Devin to choke him and choke him harder while he strokes himself to orgasm at the end of it all, I don’t think there’s anything he can’t take! He blows his load and licks it up when Devin collects it on his hand and feeds it back to him, and then its Devin’s turn. He stands on the bed, towering over Justin and stroking himself furiously until he cums in an explosive finale that leaves even me breathless!

…And I was just watching the damn thing.


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