Sunday, December 11, 2011

Late For Dinner


“Derrek? That you?”Crap. After a hard workout at the gym, Derrek Diamond had been looking forward to a nice hot shower and then collapsing on the bed. Judging from Nick’s tone though, somehow he didn’t think that was going to happen. He racked his brain trying to figure out what he’d done to piss off his boyfriend now.“Where have you been? We’re two hours late for the dinner party,” Nick growled the second he entered the room.Oh right. That.“I was at the gym. We still have forty minutes,” Derrek protested lamely. Fuck. He’d forgotten all about the party and from the look on Nick’s face, he wasn’t going to talk himself out of this one anytime soon. Sure enough, his boyfriend grabbed him by the back of his neck as soon as he came within reach and started shoving him to his knees.“Come on, we don’t have time for this. We’re going to be late,” Derrek whined, pulling back. He hated when Nick pulled this crap – or more accurately, he hated the way his dick started rising in his jock without any authorization from his brain.“We’re not going to the fucking party anymore. Now get down there,” Nick ordered, and with a hard shove, all Derrek’s protests were rendered pointless and he found himself on his knees. Where he belonged, an inner voice whispered, and he buried his head in his boyfriend’s crotch to hide the flush rising in his cheeks. He could smell Nick’s manly scent even through his pants, and it set his head to spinning. Letting instinct take over he gnawed on Nick’s dick through the thick fabric. His own painfully erect cock was straining against his jockstrap.Nick leaned down to plunder his mouth with his lips and Derrek sank into the kiss, his boyfriend’s tongue tickling the roof of his mouth and then vanishing, leaving him empty and yearning. Nick slipped his long, fat cock out of his pants and bounced it off his face, catching his instant attention and leading him to lean forward with his hungry mouth, desperate for a taste. He hated how easily the older man could play him like an instrument. No matter what he was saying or doing or thinking, somehow Nick managed to make him putty in his hand with just a look and a word. Nick shoved his cock deep in Derrek’s mouth, ramming it so far back down his throat it shoved all other thoughts right out of his head. He pinched Derrek’s nose shut with his fingers, his mouth full of his boyfriend’s thick meat, unable to speak, unable to breathe, unable to swallow as much of Nick’s cock as he could, using his tongue to savor the taste, touch and feel of the monster erection.Then Nick’s dick was gone too and he was pulling Derrek to his feet, ripping off his shirt and spinning him around, bent over with his shorts around his ankles. He felt Nick spread his ass cheeks with his hands, and then his hot wet tongue licked hungrily up and down Derrek’s crack. He moaned, pushing his ass back into his boyfriend’s face, loosening his hole just enough for Nick to jam his tongue in him like a wet pink javelin. Fuck Nick. Derrek rocked back and forth, knowing what was came after this, but unable to do anything but beg for it, need it….Knowing he had Derrek now, completely and utterly (as if it was ever really in doubt), Nick took his time undressing. He made Derrek unlace his shoes for him, fed him his cock a little more as he shimmied his pants down his hairy, muscled legs. Knowing every second he delayed was an eternity of aching emptiness for Derrek’s hungry hole, that the younger man was a puppet in Nick’s expert hands, that he could snap his fingers and demand anything in exchange for filling him with his gorgeous meat and dominant energy.Nick lay back on the bed and sat Derrek on top of his fat cock, guiding him down with firm hands gripping his waist, and Derrek gasped, throwing his head back and biting his lip as Nick’s thick purple mushroom head stretched the walls of his ass and slowly made its way deeper inside him. God, he was such a slut for this man, but he couldn’t find that a reason to protest as Nick pumped his hips, fucking him with a steady, sexy rhythm that left him spinning and breathless. Nick wrapped something around his neck and Derrek realized dimly that it was his own jockstrap, being used to pull him back like a leash on a dog and that should be embarrassing as fuck so why the hell was it so goddamned hot….Nick rolled him over and shoved him face down, plunging his cock in and out of Derrek’s ass like a spear, jabbing and poking and lancing his insides until every inch of his ass was burning in exquisite agony. His hands were around Derrek’s neck, hard and powerful and making it hard to breathe when he pulled him up to fuck him doggy style, whimpering and moaning like the bitch they both knew he really was. Nick’s fucking blurred the line between punishment and pleasure and Derrek loved every second of it, craved it, needed it, was lost without it…..And Nick knew it too. He flipped Derrek over again, on his back with legs raised high in the air, the perfect angle to plunder his ass while giving him that sexy, knowing smirk that said I own you boy and Derrek wanted to resist, wanted to deny it, but his mouth was gagged with his own dirty jockstrap, his filthy pig mouth eagerly sucking every last drop of sweat out of it as his boyfriend, his lover, his master sank his cock all the way inside him, filling every inch of his ass while expert puppet master hands jerked at Derrek’s dick, making it explode with jets of thick white cum, and he collapsed, useless, spent, utterly exhausted. Nick yanked the jock out of his mouth even as he shot his own thunderous climax over Derrek’s sweat-slicked chest and he leaned over, so slow and sexy and completely in control. He licked their combined cum off Derrek’s abs and kissed him long and hard, feeding him his own seed. Wiping some more cum off his boy and making Derrek’s eager mouth lick his fingers clean. A predatory gleam lit Nick’s hungry eyes as he claimed his prize – complete and total submission.

And neither of them would have it any other way.


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