Thursday, January 12, 2012

Good Life

There must be more to life than communting into the office every day, year after year, thinks Tom Good. Determined to do away with all the irritation and tedium of the rat race, he decides to become self-sufficient. Barabara, Tom's wife, agrees to his outlandish plan, and without a second thought he packs in his job as a draughtsman designing plastic toys to be given away in cereal boxes. The first step in their new lifestyle is to dig up the well-laid lawn of their suburban yard and turn it into a vegetable plot. What will the neighbors think? Especially Margo Leadbetter, a complete snob who -with her bridge classes and amateur dramatics - likes to keep the right tone in this exclusive neighbourhood. But as idyllic as the good life sounds, Tom and Barbara soon find it much harder work than they'd anticipated.


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